The Team

Dr Bota Clinic is a pleasant, warm, relaxed yet professional environment with the main goal to give the best individualized treatment to each patient based on detailed knowledge of them needs.

Dr. Cornelia Bota
Dr. Cornelia Bota, DDS
Dental Surgeon


Dr. Cornelia Bota is an accomplished dental surgeon, a professional who has over 30 years of very successful experience in dentistry. 

She attended along the way several courses and conventions around the world amongst them some in Switzerland at Straumann for implant surgery and in Dominican Republic for the Qimplant Marathon Surgery where she performed a marathon surgeries side by side with world recognized implant professors.

Dr. Cornelia Bota is member of different associations such as Ordre des dentistes du Québec, Association des Chirurgiens Dentistes du Québec, Société dentaire de Montréal, International Team of Implantology, Canadian Dental Association, among others.

In her free time enjoys the family activities, playing tennis, swimming, reading, watching movies, ballet and theater with her hubby. She also enjoys hiking long trails and listening classical music.

Delvis Dania Herrero
Dental Assistant  

I am a sociable person, enterprising and willing to give my best professional performance. I care to know, investigate and explore different areas in dentistry. I enjoy working in teams. I like to share my ideas and implement those of others in case they are needed. I participate as a catalyst for the essential functions of oral health as a contribution to health for individual and collective welfare. With the support of our dentists I like to guide people regarding their needs and expectations, with proactivity and a high sense of quality

Ana Komitova
Dental Assistant

I am a very motivated to learn and to succeed regardless of the environment in which I find myself - university or professional. I have always had a huge passion for the medical field and a great respect for the dentistry because it is impressive how important it is for people’s health in general. Also, I like to work in a team because this allows me to learn new techniques and update my knowledge. My job as an assistant is a wonderful opportunity to learn from first-hand the meticulous, creative and rigorous process of working as a dentist. Furthermore, my personal goal is to contribute to have a friendly atmosphere in order to ensure a high quality of service, while providing a pleasant experience for both the patient and the team. For this, I am always motivated and in good shape, ready to react and interact with patients in order to meet their needs and answer their questions. My personal strengths are based on perseverance, perfectionism and respect for everyone, which I take to heart to apply in my work. Finally, I did my college studies in health science program at Jean-de-Brébeuf College and I am currently at the University of Montreal.

Diana Slusari
Dental Secretary/Receptionist


Diana is the first to great patients over the telephone when they call in for an appointment or as they walk in the door and always makes  sure their visit was a pleasant one. She finds her experience in dentistry to be extremely beneficial and uses her skills in new ways everyday. She always endeavors to help our patients feel at ease and relaxed addressing them needs and availability regarding the appointments.

Diana was born and raised in Republic of Moldova, and has been in Canada for many years. In her free time she enjoys reading, watching movies and cuisine, which shares with pleasure with family and friends..